Picture of Big & Little Metroid
I'm a really big fan of retro games, so when I found a pattern for a metroid from the Metroid series, I had to make one. 

The link for the pattern can be found here.

I only made modifications to the 'leg'. I didn't want to crochet onto the metroid's body, so I worked the pattern backwards. I also stopped at the third round to make the 'legs' shorter.

My modifications to make the leg are:
Rnd 1: 3 sc in magic ring (3)
Rnd 2: increase around (6)
Rnd 3: 3 sc, 3 dc (6)
F/O and leave tail to sew to body.

I then wanted an even bigger metroid. To do this I used 3 strands of yarn together and a K hook and followed the pattern with my modifications. The big metroid is almost 5 inches tall. 
megaduty3 years ago
Awesome 4 sure!
Love them!
HanakoHeals (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
Thanks so much ^^