Step 5: Trim Work

I used 1 x 2s to make trim for the top.  Screwed to the bottom side of the top shelf.

On the bottom 1/4 base was installed.

Make sure brick pattern in backs align with each section.
<p>Completely love this entertainment center. It would look so good in my new man cave. Looks like it is pretty easy to make, and I think I already have most of the tools in my house. I've got a new weekend project to tackle. Thanks for the great pictures of this entertainment center. http://www.furnituredesignaustralia.com.au/tv-entertainment-units-adelaide </p>
<p>It was definitely not a &quot;weekend&quot; project for me. But I'm pretty slow. Thanks for your comment... post some pictures when you're done.</p>
Hey thb43, had somethings get in the way of building my entertainment center. Hopefully I'll be able to get it finished before the end of this year.
how expert must i be ??
I wish I had half of your tools! Great job!

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