I have a friend that loves those vinyl desk sculptures. they are very modern and very interesting. also some are very expensive because of the artist and the number of copies... etc.. 

Well what a  better gift that one of a kind.. or master mold (in case i make copies) of a figure inspired by his personality.. no he doesn't wear sombreros.. unless is 5  de mayo of course... he usually wears hats... and he does have a mustache.. so just like in cartoons i decided to exaggerate his personality and traits and make him into a desk decoration collectible.. 

i wanted a huge mustache.. but it wasn't very sturdy.. and it prop would of broken off easly.. so i went with a big sombrero instead..

i hope the pictures show part of the process.. 

i added a lot of detail on the eybrows and the checks.. i hope u guys like it

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