Step 12: Intermission

Picture of intermission
I went to bed after writing the last step.
I slept on my loft. It was really nice, but I rolled over onto my arm in my sleep and cut off the circulation, and when I woke up, my right arm was just flopping off my shoulder like a venemous python sinking its teeth into my clavicle. Pythons aren't venemous, you say? Just wait....

I dreamt about soup. Split pea soup. Which was really nice, but I was bummed when I woke up. Nothing worse than wanting soup and not having it.

Go eat some soup and listen to some soupmusic and continue.

I like this band called the Ditty Bops. Most excellent soupmusic!
ditty bop picture below!
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TomTomLo6 years ago
You got bummed when you woke up? Harsh.
prank (author)  TomTomLo6 years ago
I know, right?