Picture of Big Survivol Kit
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Step 1: Inside

Picture of Inside
There are many thing within this kit

Step 2: Weapons

Picture of Weapons

Step 3: Pocket Knife

Picture of Pocket Knife
Gotta have a pocket knife

Step 4: Water Storage

Picture of Water Storage
With tin foil you could use it to boil/purify the water

Step 5: Big Trash Bag

Picture of Big Trash Bag
You could use it to make a small weather shelter

Step 6: Lighter With Fishing Line

Picture of  Lighter With Fishing Line

Step 7: Smaller Survival Kit

Picture of Smaller Survival Kit

Step 8: Weather Proof Glow Stick

Picture of Weather Proof Glow Stick

Step 9: Para cord

Picture of Para cord
About twelve feet of para cord

Step 10: Medical Supplies

Picture of Medical Supplies

Step 11: String

Picture of String
15 feet of string

Step 12: Compass/thermometer

Picture of Compass/thermometer

Step 13: Flash Light

Picture of Flash Light

Step 14: The Case

Picture of The Case
All of those things a.k.a survival tools are rapped up in a water proof case