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Introduction: Big Wheel Ferris Wheel | a K'nex Ball Machine Element

About: Hey there! as my name kind of suggests, I'm Linkin_J! A 14 year old K'nex and fallout enthusiast! I highly advise you check out my 'ibles if you like either of them, or are just interested!

Hello! Here is an element from my K'nex ball machine Freestyle! It was featured in path 3 where it brought the ball to the white floor at the bottom. I created it because I really wanted to find a use for them wheels! A disadvantage to this was that they were really heavy, so the challenge in building this was to support the rods. This is quite a small 'ible, and a very easy build. Want to build it? Well lets go!

Step 1: Piece Count


  • 34x Green Rod (16mm)
  • 8x White Rod (32mm)
  • 4x Yellow Rod (86mm)
  • 4x Red Rod (128mm)
  • 1x Tan Rod Strengthened (128mm)


  • 3x 8-Slot White Connector
  • 8x 5-Slot Yellow Connector
  • 12x 2-Slot Orange Connector
  • 16x 3-Slot Red Connector


  • 2x Blue Clip
  • 2x Grey Spacer

Total: 94 Pieces

Step 2: Wheel Ball Containers

Just build what you see in the pictures.

Step 3: Rod Supports

Build the parts shown in the pictures. Later on it will all be assembled.

Step 4: Centre and Support Assembly

The pictures guide you through the steps, just build what you see.

Step 5: Wheel Assembly

Attach the wheels as shown in the pictures.

Step 6: Finished!

Thank you for reading through this Instructable. I know it was only small, but the instructions are clear. If you have built this, please show me a picture down in the comments! Also tell me what you think of it and what I could do to improve. If you enjoyed this build, please consider subscribing to me, it means lot! I post K'nex Instructables very often. Bye, and have a great day!



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    You can get those wheels from the K'NEX "All Terrain Trekker" kit.

    Honestly I have no idea :P 90% of my k'nex is job lots and random bits from eBay xD

    yeah, I think that was a glitch, because when I clicked the post button it didn't do anything. I refreshed the page and there were five extra comments... :)

    Hah, okay :) so, any big k'nex plans? Building anything big at the moment.?

    Actually, yes. We still have to post the instructions for the lifts from our last ball machine, and are working on a new ball machine! I'm not going to say much publicly, but I can show you some pictures in a private message if you want. Just don't share them without asking (not that I think you will, but just as a precaution). :)

    okay great! Maybe share them over knexflux *wink* I am addicted to that site XD

    OK sounds good. :)

    yeah, that site Is pretty good. :)

    Yeah my post count is higher than sorunomes xD