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Introduction: Big Drawing Book for Kids

It’s ideal for kids who love to draw. It’s a manual

for how kids could draw animals and other stuff. You can just print the attached file, but if you follow this instructable you can make one for outside. We’ve made a large exemplar (A3) because we’ve attached it next to a large chalkboard. So if you only want the drawing book you can use smaller papers (A4 / A5) and just print the attached file.

We'll first begin with the book.

What do you need ?

A piece of mdf wood (295 x 420 x 10)

14 papers. (200grams)

5 Metal rings you can open and close.

Materials : a drilling machine, a hole punch and a laminator

Step 1: Make the Holes

First we’ll drill the holes in the wood.

5 holes of 6cm, 2 holes of 15cm.

On the drawing you can see where you need to drill which hole.

Step 2: Print the Files


the attached file on paper.

After you’ve printed the papers, you can laminate them.

Step 3: Make Holes in the Papers

When you’ve laminated all the papers, you can use the hole punch to make holes.

You need to make 5 holes at the same place like the 6cm holes in the wood.

Step 4: Make the Book

The only step left attaching the rings through the little holes.

The big holes are for screws, when you want to hang up the book at a wall.



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