I think I had my shrink ray in reverse when I was bleeding lol

Step 1: The Body

1) make this 29 times
2) to look like this

Step 2: Making It Stay Spyroly

what you need to put together
doing this for school project YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I built this before and it was really neat! but i ran out of peices!!! but anyway I think this is the best dna I've seen on this site!! thanks 4 sharing!
 wow how many pieces do u need for that ... holy crap
ihave no idea but ill giveu it when i have the #
You have a real use for Knex wow... actually some day, me a K'nex hater will pick up a bunch of bits and make a gun....
&nbsp;why dont u have any knex<br /> <br />
I don't use K'nex, never did, even as a kid it was lego but really, I moved on to screwing stuff to stuff and then made a quantum leap that meant my phase of making guns out of stuff was based around pneumatics at the tyre depot...&nbsp;
Im working on one now!!!
I, another non-fan of KNEX, agree finally a half decent KNEX Instructable.
It's from the Big Book of Ideas, but it's still nice.
no!! it's not , it's from the knex book i ordered called 120 knex idea's plus!!..
Yeah, I knew it was from a book and I thought that's what that book was called. After I made that comment I checked my 120+ Idea book and I realized it was in that one.
&nbsp;lol<br /> <br />
holy crap !!!!!!!!!!!!!! bakenbitz!!!!!!!!! ive never seen a comment from u!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur a god!!!!!!!!! hi!!!!!!!!!!!!! check out some of my stuff!!!!!!!!!!plz!!!!!! srry for all the exclamation points :)
Its not even a double helix....
&nbsp;Lets see you try.
I wish you posted this back in november, I wanted to do something like this for my science presentation.
sorry! :(
sweet better than the old k'nex dna
that is so cool 4*s

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