I inherited a big north-african copper plate from my grandfather, and I like to use it as a coffee table when I have a drink with my friends. So I need something to put it on, but it has to take as little place as possible when not in use. This is why I made this quick and easy foldable tripod.

Step 1: Very Few Components

I used an old curtain rod that I sawed into 3 equal pieces. You could also find old stool parts, or anything that is about 2 feet long.

You will need some string or leather link (even a thin chain).
This is a great thing to remember when out camping! I always have paracord with me, and while the drilled holes make it much more stable.....notching 3 sturdy sticks would do in a pinch!
Thanks for the inspiration. This would be great for the beach. Nicely done too

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