Big rubberband ball!
this is mine and is weight 2.7kilo's<br />
*it weight<br />
*it weighs
this is totally awsome i am teaching my own class becuase is is so easy my request is this so is if you want to know how to make one in a one minute .well i am saying is that you should reallly pick this and you will like it
Are you teaching an English class by any chance?
thanks for the tip<br>ive been trying to find an easy way to make a rubber band ball
I'm making a rubber band ball too, but the rubber bands aren't wide enough to fit around it. Do you know how to make a longer chain of rubber bands or something?<br />
you don't???
mine's WAAAYYY bigger. lol. good job
i need some of those rubber bands lol
How heavy is it?<br /> Mines huge, and weighs 8 pounds...<br />
Got a picture?<br />
Not now, but I'll post one soon.<br />
I think it weighs around 2 ponds.
LOL! <br /> <br /> In school, I'm studying the planets. And guess what the last pic. looks like?<br /> <br /> The Earth and Moon!
Lol, it does!

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