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So recently, I had a breif conversation with BrittLiv (Go check her i'ble feed out, it's awesome!) in which she commented on some pictures I tagged onto the back end of a recent i'ble. I linked her to my Faceache* photo album, but due to her not havnig faceache she couldn't see them, she suggested that I upload them here, just as a way of showing off what I have done in the past... I don't have step by steps written for them, but I shall give you a brief blurb on each

Now I should mention that back in my uni days I had a small buisness making historical and fantasy costume and props... I was asked to make alot of custom designs and well, I think I was good at it... I still make the odd bespoke piece, and to this day I help make costume for my firends...

I hope you enjoy...

*Faceache--> Facebook... hehe

Step 1: Avast!

Picture of Avast!
This is a Pirate frock coat I made for my mate Fozz... I make alot of costume things for Fozz... Unfortunatly EVERYTHING has to be made one size, then tailored to him... He sometimes even refers to me as his personal Tailor! <doh>

The coat is made out of some VERY heavy curtain material... and is lined with a nice silk... this would have cost a fortune if we hadn't gone to one of those cheep roll end fabric shops!
tvillalobos4 years ago
Wow it looks very real! I'm actually considering making a female dwarf character, and in NERO Alliance the race requirement is facial hair no matter the gender. Will definitely try this out! :D
Biggsy (author)  tvillalobos4 years ago
if you get stuck let me know... I can probably explain it without pictures :)
happyjo4 years ago
:D You are an amazing costume-maker! :D
Biggsy (author)  happyjo4 years ago
*takes an over elaborate bow*

Ta :)
happyjo Biggsy4 years ago
*Applause and shouts of Encore!*
Biggsy (author)  happyjo4 years ago
There you go, just for my adoring fans... a pic of me when i had to be 'Achmed' :) Just something I threw together with bits I had made, and some stage paint :D
happyjo Biggsy4 years ago
:D Wow! This is awesome!:D
Biggsy (author)  happyjo4 years ago
lol easy now...

Thanks :)
BrittLiv4 years ago
Oh wow, I'm in awe, thank you so much for posting! I can't even tell you which one I like the best, because they are all amazing.
Biggsy (author)  BrittLiv4 years ago
hahaha, thanks... I consider my ego well and trully stroked! :p

Damn how am I going to get out this room? ;)