Step 5: Fox Tail!

This is a Fox tail I made for another costume, It's made of upholsterers foam, which I carved down with a bread knife. I then attached the fur, and hung it from a belt... It's about 3ft long
Wow it looks very real! I'm actually considering making a female dwarf character, and in NERO Alliance the race requirement is facial hair no matter the gender. Will definitely try this out! :D<br>
if you get stuck let me know... I can probably explain it without pictures :)
:D You are an amazing costume-maker! :D
*takes an over elaborate bow*<br><br>Ta :)
*Applause and shouts of Encore!*
There you go, just for my adoring fans... a pic of me when i had to be 'Achmed' :) Just something I threw together with bits I had made, and some stage paint :D
:D Wow! This is awesome!:D
lol easy now...<br><br>Thanks :)
Oh wow, I'm in awe, thank you so much for posting! I can't even tell you which one I like the best, because they are all amazing.
hahaha, thanks... I consider my ego well and trully stroked! :p<br><br>Damn how am I going to get out this room? ;)

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