Introduction: Gorgeous and Colourful Quilled Flowers - Quilling Made Easy!

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Learn to make these gorgeously colorful and cute flowers with Quilling technique.. Use them as fridge magnets, make danglers from them, use them to decorate your gift boxes or stick them to your kids rooms walls as decor.. There are many other cool ideas where you can use these flowers..

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Step 1: Learn How to Make These Gorgeous Flowers Here..

Quilling Made Easy | How To Make Quilling Flower Using Paper Art Quilling

Quilling can be used to make a variety of beautiful crafts. So, save those scraps of paper and have some fun quilling. If you love quilling art work, here's an amazing video for you'll on how to make quilling flower using paper art quilling. Let’s get started.

These flowers can be used to make gorgeous danglers for your car and home (used as home decor) Here's the link for the dangler videos -

Link to the beautiful flower dangler -

Link to the origami butterfly dangler -

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