Bijou: a K'nex Rifle


Introduction: Bijou: a K'nex Rifle

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Bijou, a word meaning small and elegant, describes this rifle perfectly.  Bijou is a CQB (Close Quartes Combat) weapon; although it looks a little bit big, when resting the shorter stock on your shoulder, you've got a pretty close-to-your-body kind of weapon.

It's also built for:

A Fast Rate of Fire (Bijou's fast rate of fire comes from its minimal band requirement and firing pin placement; the firing pin has a track to slide down, and minimal bands makes it easier to pull it back quickly.)

Innovation (The innovative thing about Bijou is that the firing pin isn't stopped at its tip like most guns, but is instead stopped at the back of the pin.  This allows there to be less stress on the firing pin, resulting in an easier to use weapon.  I thought of the idea when I saw Fred the Penguin's (formerly Logic Boy's) Logic Bow.  When I saw the concept, I started thinking about it, and then, one thing led to another, and then I thought of my own concept; this is the result.)

Looks: In my opinion, it looks pretty darn cool, but I guess that it's all subjective.

Bijou is also the name of a song by Queen, and as you may have guessed if you've seen my other uploads, it's the gun's theme song.  If you want to listen to it, it's here.

Also, credit for the handle goes to Dr. Richtofen.

I hope you enjoy!

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Update: The new profile picture and last two pictures are the newest version of Bijou; I redid the front/ barrel part of the gun so it would be sturdier.

Update: I'm tinkering around with the gun a lot, and many internal and external mods are being made to this gun; even the latest picture(s) will not be the most current, as I will most likely have changed it a little, and you should probably expect that more changes will be made to Bijou as time goes on.



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    Oh and I do really like the stock, could I use it sometime? I'm planning on making one more RCS. (Of course I'd give you credit of course!)

    17 replies

    How did I not see this comment before??? Yeah, feel free to use the stock. :D

    Thanks! Although I may have to mod it a bit, because I don't have that size bendy rods. :( only red stiff rods. :(

    With all of those blue bendy rods, you don't have a yellow sized one... That sucks! D:

    Well, I guess that it might be possible to substitute a blue bendy. For some reason, I feel like it would be really hard to modify it without using some kind of bendy rods.

    Wait-thats a yellow sized rod? Oh wow I have plenty of those! I thought it was a red-rod sized bendy rod... 8/

    There isn't any bendy red rods..... yet.....

    Oh. But there are knex compatible with Legos now!!!

    Yeah, that's a little annoying. I mean, I guess I'm a traditionalist. I like the classic knex better. Although I like the bendy blue and white rods.

    I am all about the Traditional Standard K'nex Pieces. Everything else pretty suky lol.

    Yep, still want to try to use them, just can't wrap my mind around where to use them.

    Yeah, I kind of like traditional K'nex myself, too; the concept of combining them with legos, is, at least to me, kind of annoying. And mini K'nex... is just pointless...

    I guess it might be just me, though. :3

    Yeah I agree legos and knex don't go together very well. although I'd love to use those mini-ones more frequently. Kind of like the blue mullet has been doing on his guns.

    Yeah, I guess mini K'nex may be useful under certain circumstances.  I might actually try and use that now. :3

    Also, just a few minutes ago, I posted a forum topic; I have made albums for the original four kids from Homestuck; don't worry, you don't have to have read, appreciate, or like Homestuck to enjoy these albums; since they revolve around a character, they revolve around a theme.


    Yay for pointless comments! :3  I don't know what else to say. :I