Picture of Bike Blender
Transform an electric blender into a mechanically pedal powered bike blender.
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Step 1: Obtain an electric blender working or not

Picture of Obtain an electric blender working or not
You can use any electric blender really. I will describe the process I used which can be applied to any blender. Preferably not working since if it is not working you are about to give it a second life.

One blender I tried didn't work though because I couldn't remove the top wheel from the shaft. This is the only thing that will prohibit the blender from being used- is if the components won't disassemble after trying EVERYTHING!!

I used a blender that was relatively old. I don't have a picture of it in its original state but the idea is you want a blender who's bottom can be removed and mechanical insides exposed to be modified.

Step 2: Gain access to the mechanical insides

Picture of Gain access to the mechanical insides
I did this using a hand drill and unscrewing the bottom. At times I had to find a hand drill with a longer neck to be able to reach the screws which were sometimes several centimeters within the plastic casing.
Sometimes the screws are concealed behind the rubber feet of the blender. Pry them out if you can't see any other access points and just to be sure there are not any extra screws behind them holding the casing in place.

Once the cover was removed, I was met with a second thick black plastic casing around the mechanical parts surrounding the blender shaft. This was also secured on by screws. I unscrewed it working odd and extreme angles due to the outer plastic case. Just bare with it and remove the wires from all the orifices : the buttons should come right out and once out you can work your drill through one of the buttons to be able to unscrew the black casing around the mechanical parts. Basically get creative and do whatever it takes to get the black casing off. Push, pull, twist - these things are pretty rugged and the plastic will take quite a bit.
mikeasaurus6 years ago
Why are you wearing a helmet in step 3 using tools, but not in step 10 where you are actually riding a bike?

That is exactly the question that sprung to my mind...

Anyway, hilarious project, made my day

If you could paint as well, you would be able to paint, exercise, and make blended drinks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvbL_5rH1QQ
sharlston5 years ago
cool ible im getting a bmx in a couple of days! :)
tandem? anyone?
Forget the bike, where can I get me one of them there hats! (Pardon the bastardization of basic grammar, but it doesn't really portray the feel I was going for...lol)
jjjjake6 years ago
into page picture 3 I swear I saw the guy in the green shirt before
lemonie6 years ago
Great build! How many RPM do you reckon the blades will reach? L
Cool good instructable A++!
Bongmaster6 years ago
a new look at healthy eating :) great. :)
Kiteman6 years ago
I'd like to see this turning up on cookery shows;

"Give the ingredients about 3 miles in the blender..."

SinAmos6 years ago
Hilarious, but I'm gonna keep this one down on the list.:)