Step 3: Get the shaft out of the plastic casing!

Picture of Get the shaft out of the plastic casing!
By this point your blender should look something like a plastic case with a shaft and wheel surrounded by a maze of copper wiring.

Now to get the copper wiring and all off of the shaft I had to unscrew the mechanical wheel on top of the plastic casing from the shaft so I could take the shaft with all the mechanics attached out of the plastic casing.

This really just required brute force. Using a pair of pliers that could grab the top and bottom of the wheel on a flat edge and several other pairs of hands to hold everything else steady- a vice on the shaft or any thing you can think of will facilitate unscrewing the top wheel. And right tighty is not always the case. So give a shot in either direction first and see if you can glimpse the threading on the shaft.

The goal is to unscrew the top wheel and keep it in relatively working condition. On one blender I tried- this was not possible so I didn't go further with that one.