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I got this idea from reading about another project on Instructables using spare bike stem to create a BIKE ON A TRAINER. Expanding on that idea and having experience with PVC pipe I created another version for a road bike mounted on a TRAINER for about $20.00 and a few hours work. This would be alternative for winter riding your road/mountain bike indoors on a trainer when the roads covered with snow and ice as where I live.
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Step 1: Parts List

Picture of Parts List
26" X 3/4" PVC pipe:(cut into 4 pieces, 2 each of 9" and 3 3/4" sections) - (lowes $1.13 for 5')
1 1/2" x 1" PVC pipe ( cut in half) - (lowes $1.20 for 5')
1- 1" PVC Tee ( lowes $0.40)
1 - 1" 90 degree PVC elbow ( lowes $0.48)
1 - 3/4" PVC Tee ( lowes $0.40)
2 - 3/4" 90 degree PVC elbow (lowes $0.30 each)
1 - 13/16" to 1 3/4" hose clamp (size may vary dependine on size of stem on bike) (lowes $0.90)
2 - small rubber blocks - used from old parts I had in shop
1 piece of rubber intertube 4" x4" (this is optional I used a piece of pond liner) - used for free
1 plexi glass bike book holder - got mine from amazon web page from affordables for $10.99

karrman19843 years ago
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resquebilly (author)  karrman19843 years ago
Obviously due to the comments this idea should not have been placed on this web page, the bike trainer part is not understood. This converts your street bike too a static exercise bike in your home so you can continue your exercise during the winter months. If anyone thinks they place this on a bike off a trainer deserve what they get, a Darwin award.
Some people obviously can't read!!
I don't think I could stand reading whilst on a turbo trainer, I can barely get by with load music!!
Patented5 years ago
Hey thats a nice idea, and very good instructables with nice pics, but who read while riding his bike ? LOL that could be kind of very very very dangerous !
I read while riding my bike! Don't you?
I actually read while riding a bike back and to class. I've stopped recently because I didn't want to win a Darwin Award or receive a ticket. Plus the wind flips the pages and changing the page while riding is sort of a pain in the butt.

I guess I'll just stick with walking a reading.

Nice idea, I'm more interested in the stationary bike idea but maybe I'm done building it I'll try this project too. Thanks though :D.
I read on my bike with an Amazon Kindle. No pages = no flipping paper.
The instructable that this idea came from specifically mentioned it was for a stationary bike (actually a regular bike on a trainer unit), the author of this one needs to go back and edit the intro to mention the same more clearly as not everyone is familiar with what a "trainer" is when mentioned in passing like this.

Though neat, my first thought was: "Why both riding a bike and enjoy the ride if you're uninterested and want to read?"

You should mention the apparatus this is intended for, a stationary bike. If intended for a commuter/leisure bike, I question why you'd even bother.

Neat idea, and far better than spinning watching the television!

Actually, it would be useful for holding maps and cue sheets on a road bike. I would just make the angle a bit flatter (to avoid blocking the view of the road), and I might use narrower pipe since I wouldn't be carrying a heavy book.  In any case, I like this project as-is, because I do sometimes use the trainer in my attic.
true ! but would be great for a Bicycle in a gym !
Tren5094 years ago
Now we just need an instructable teaching how to sweat-proof it!
tevers945 years ago
Yea so i was riding my bike home reading "catcher in the rye", and i crashed into a guard rail.  What am i doing wrong...
LOL, I was getting ready to say "Shouldn't you be watching where you're going when riding a bike!?"  Then, of course, I actually read the article. LOL  Great Idea!
This is such a neat idea.

As it is now, the handle bars on my trainer move in such a way during exercise that paperbacks are knocked out of my hand.

I am going to obtain another bike so that the handlebars are stationary.

That way I will be able to complete assignments at the same time I am enjoying my workout.

This is very helpful, and you know I will be back to this site.

I may even in time wish to get more involved in making your profitable.

Proof of the pudding and all that.


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EnigmaMax5 years ago
a future Darwin Award awaits...
godofal5 years ago
i think this is at its best on a home trainer, u dont have to look where ul be going then.
nice afternoon project :)
Holden_vy_s5 years ago
Just ride no handed?
kissiltur5 years ago
that's a grand idea, but I sweat far too heavily on the bike to risk a book being drenched!