Picture of Bike Camera Helmet Mount Using Epoxy Putty
This is a procedure to adapt a helmet mount to fit any oddly shaped bike helmet with a removable mount.   This will give you a secure mount for most any of the new sports video cameras.  I am using this with a Contour HD camera but it could be adapted to any other camera.

Step 1: Remove center mount

Picture of Remove center mount
Remove center mount from the Contour HD helmet strap mount.
criggie10 months ago

Michael Schumacher had a skiing accident recently and the damage was aggravated by his go-pro camera mounted on the helmet.

How to make a "break-away" mount that will still be secure and steady but still allow the helmet to do its job.

Mine's a X80 camera and its stuck on the front with 3M VHB tape and a go-pro style mount. On reflection, a face plant would drive it into my forehead.

Sweet, this might come in handy soon, got a helmet mount and a MUVI cam for christmas... Can't wait for the weather to improve so I can hit the trails...