Bike Chain Decoration


Introduction: Bike Chain Decoration

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Have an old bike you never use any more? Ya? Cool! Well this is a cool decoration you can hang on your wall or even christmas tree!

Step 1:

Step 1: take off your bike chain on your old bike your bike will not be useable after this unless you put it back on of course.

Step 2 before you disconnect the chain make a star or desired shape so you know how big it is going to be.

Step 3: Disconnect the chain at desired length just as it shows in the picture above.

Step 4: make your shape and connect the chains together again.

TIP: paint or clear gloss always looks cool!



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    Missing a few steps, a clean chain or un-rusted chain won't hold that shape. I made the star and I had to partially drive out several link pins to jam the chain into shape. Then I used fingernail clear coat to gloss it and make it stick to the shape better.

    How come I didn't think about this. So nice. Thanks for sharing.

    So simple, I like this a lot! Thanks!