Introduction: Bike Chain Fidget Ring

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Usually This Fidget Chain Ring is 30$, maybe 10$ on sale. But now you can make it practically free!

+ you don't need a 3d printer like many other DIY fidgets!

Here are the Materials You Will Need

-6 Links of Old Bike Chain

-A Bike Chain Tool, or a mallet and a small screw driver

-6 Orthodontic Rubber Bands(like the braces ones), or a small tire of some kind

-And Maybe Some Pliers

There's only 4 things needed! Keep in mind, this project should take about 30 minutes.

Step 1: Taking the Chain Apart

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This is by far the hardest step.

1st Separate out 6 Chain Links

Then disassemble every chain link using the bike chain tool. The first picture above shows all the pieces you should have when your done.

*if you are using a mallet and a screw driver gently pound the pin until the chain separates.

Step 2: Wash Your Chain Links

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This the easiest step! Yay!

Find a small container that can get dirty.

Then wash all your chain links in a dish soap and water mixture.

Shake the container for a minute and let the links dry on a dish towel.


Step 3: Adding the Rubber Bands

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Slide the 6 Rubber Bands over all 6 Metal rings, 1 band on each.

Your Almost DONE :]

Step 4: Reassembly

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This is the last step but it is also one of the hardest.

Reassemble your chain links using the bike tool.


Made that mistake more than once, and you have to take it all apart and then reassemble is again. :(

A rubber mallet might help if the pin doesn't go through the link all the way.

After You have assembled the fidget use some pliers to loosen the links.

Step 5: And Your Done :) YAY

Picture of And Your Done :) YAY

Now enjoy fidgeting in the classroom or in the office.

No matter what you do, Have Fun!


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-04-30

Cool. I like the fact that you made it from an actual bike chain instead of bearings. It looks a lot better.

Well Thank You:)

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