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Introduction: Bike Chain Key Chain

Promote And Embrace The Contribution Of Alternative Transportation Thru a Statement Of an Icon.

Make Your Own Bike Chain Key Chain To Wear Proudly And Encourage Others To Make The Effort Of Helping Our One and Only Enviorment.

By Wearing This You Will Let Others Know That We Are Trying. We Will Not Ignor The Problem. If i Can Do It, Anyone Can.

Enviormental Facts-

On the average, the 140 million cars in America are estimated to travel almost 4 billion miles in a day, and according to the Department of Transportation, they use over 200 million gallons of gasoline doing it.



The public transportation that we have is a wreck. The U.S. continues to promote and invest in private car travel rather than public transportation.

63,000 square miles of Rainforests are being destroyed each year.

This Is A World Wide Crisis And We Are The Problem.

We Have The Knowledge To Know What We Have To Do.

Spread The News.

Make a Chain

Step 1: Seperating the Chain

You Will Need 6 Segments-

Using a Screwdriver Wedge In Between The 2 Most Outer Layers Where Shown

Next Tap The Back End Of The Screwdriver With Hammer Seperating The Layers.

Once They Are Seperated Use the pliers To Pull The part Out Of The Socket.

Step 2: Cleaning and Ring Placement

To Remove ALL the Grease-

Cup Your Hand and Pour In Sugar

Then Pour On Dish Washing Soap

Once You've Done That Scrub The Chain In Between Your Hands For 3 Min (Or More)

The Sugar Will Rip And Scrub The Grease Out Of The Way For The Soap To Get In and Do Its job
(This Works When You Have Grease On Your Hands Or Body And Will 100% Remove All Of It)

After You Rinse Away The Soap And Sugar Get a Key Ring-

Connect the Chain Together By looping The Ring Thru It.


You Have Just Took A Step To Helping Save Our Race.

Little By Little If We All Pitch In We Can Save So Many.



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A few extra links and you have yourself a nice bottle opener.

I just made today mine and it awesome, thanks @ Make It Nou for this great idea.

Needless to say this is a great durable zipper pull

i did this with a chainsaw chain

that could be painful

i filed the edges of the scraper blades so that they were quite dull

could you get a picture of it posted? id love to see it :D

to make life a lot easier you could just use a fantastic tool called a CHAIN BREAKER (it doesnt actually break the chain )

Is there anywhere you can buy short lengths of bike chain?

goto any bike shop and ask for it...they gave me an old one for free and its like 5 m long