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We have a pug dog and we also enjoy bicycling. When we go bicycling and take our dog he wants to run, but I have found it very dangerous to hold a leash and ride a bike. If he stops, he can pull on the leash which could cause me to crash.

Parts list:
1. 12" long 1/2"npt pipe
2. 3/4"npt TEE
3. 1/2 to 3/4 bushing
4. Hairpin Cotter Pin to match dog size (25 pound use a 3", and 40 pound use a 4")
5. Extension Spring 1" X 7" X.135"
6. 2 - Hose Clamps for approx. 2" pipe
7. Old inner tube to cut up
8. Leash - 3 foot length see step 8
9. Dog harness
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Step 1: Cut the 3/4" npt pipe TEE in half

Picture of Cut the 3/4" npt pipe TEE in half
Cut TEE in half.jpg
Cut the 3/4" npt TEE in half. I used a hacksaw, which cut the TEE in half fairly quickly.

Step 2: Grind sharp edges off cut TEE

Picture of Grind sharp edges off cut TEE
Ground edges.jpg
Threads ground.jpg
Remove the threads inside the TEE, and any sharp edges to prevent scratching the seat post too much.

Step 3: Spring

Picture of Spring
Spring cut off end mark.jpg
Spring end cut off.jpg
At the local hardware store buy a closed end spring as shown that is 1" X 7" X.135". If you can't find a spring that is this size, the important thing is to make sure that when the end of the spring is removed, a 1/2 pipe can screw into it.

When I bought this spring at the local hardware store, I walked to the plumbing section and sized up a 1/2 npt pipe to the spring and found that with a little force the spring would screw onto the pipe.

Step 4: Screw the spring on to the 1/2" shaft

Picture of Screw the spring on to the 1/2" shaft
With the 1/2" pipe in a vise, screw the spring onto the pipe. You need to really push the spring as you twist to make sure it starts to thread on.

I added gorilla tape to help protect the spring for the bit marks from the pliers, however the spring was still marred. You will need to add a lot of tape to protect the spring from marks from the pliers
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Frostxr22 hours ago

Wouldnt you over heat your dog, if he's constantly running?? While you use minimum power. Do they not get exhausted?

crank_girl9 months ago

This is just what I need. I got ill a couple of years back and as a consequence my mobility is extremely limited. One of the things that I really really miss is walking my dog - I have it on good authority he misses it too. I've bitten the bullet, overcome my pride and decided to get a mobility scooter - who cares that I'm only 39? My jack Russell, William, pulls quite a lot so this is ideal. I'll whack skis on in winter and yoke him up like a husky.

Thanks for the 'ible. :-)

chunnygoat1 year ago
Thank you I will try this this weekend

I decided to go with ubolts thinking it would hold better for dogs that pulls real hard and the dang thing spins. any ideas to clamp it down real tight

mandib made it!1 year ago

Thanks for sharing you encouraged me to give it a try. I've been wanting one of these just didn't' want to fork out that much money. I made a few different changes on mine, but for the most part your idea rocked. I used a 3/4" Tee, 3/4" Pipe, and then screwed a water hose spring on the end to allow for some shock absorbing. Cost me about $15. Works like a charm for my two dogs!

hxp2 years ago
These instructions inspired me to build my own. However, I used 3/4" PVC plumbing pipe, threaded adapters and some bungee cord. My 1 year old terrier mix is about 20 pounds and pulls hard. The bungee cord absorbed her lunges and the pvc was strong enough to hold her back. The threaded adapters allow me to unscrew the arm off when not needed. Total cost of materials is about $10 bucks!
I wanted to thank you for the great instructable! Although we did not use the exact same materials, your design was the base for our lighter rendition using plumbing pipe.

It took Sam just minutes to realize what the bike walker was all about and she loved it and was a natural! Even though she respected and followed slow turns we've decided to teach her word commands for turning.

Check out our first go at the bike walker (one photo she wanted to great the camera man):
clag952 years ago
This is a great design :D I built it today and It works wonderfully :D I made a 2' long elastic leash to clip onto it as well, because my dog is a puller, and it appears my dog doesn't mind being "attached" to my bike. I followed your instructions the whole way and I had minimal issues, such as attaching the spring to the pipe... It was very tricky, and i had to grind the thread down a little in order for the spring to actually fit. but overall that was the only issue :D thank you for such a complete and thorough instructable :D I can't wait to practice with it 2mrw :D
vcote3 years ago
This pug is incredible! Mine would have run for 5 minutes and then he would have just drag along on his back... It is the first not lazy pug I see.

Second: this is genius. I've been wanting my husband to take the greyhound for a bike ride, but she is really skittish and he is afraid something will spook her and she'll run in front of him. This will solve that.

Plus, your video proves to my husband that she is NOT too small to follow a bike. She is taller than a pug! If he can, she can.
BillBiker5 years ago
Very sweet idea! One could add-on to this idea. I may try it just for fun, but I use the retractable leash with my dog.
Does anyone know how to get a retractable leash that goes around your waste? I have looked and looked, I had one but one of my dogs chewed the cable and wrecked it!

It was so much better than being tugged by arm...and I was able to bike with it on.
GlassDragon4 years ago
I can't wait to make my own. I've want to exercise with our new dog but my knees can't take running and I've been worried about being pulled off the bike holding the leash - she's powerful and loves to run. This will be perfect.
jet_ski5 years ago
For those of you who say 'get fit with the dog' I'd like to see them try to keep pace with a greyhound or a malamute or any other hunting breed which can't be offleash except for in fenced areas.

I was going to buy a springer but I think I'll make this instead!
redelle jet_ski5 years ago
I've got two greyhounds and seriously they are the laziest animals on earth and I love them to pieces... my boy actually got off leash one time and he was keeping up with cars going at 60 -70km down the road no problem. (he wasn't chasing but racing them!) thankfully they don't have much stamina and I managed to get him in about 300m... a person I knew was driving and saw me and picked me up.
I take dudley out on the bike but its the braking that is the pain when going gung ho!
potshot5 years ago
Hate to be picky, but doesn't having the "break-away" kind of screw up the whole idea?  If my dog decided to make a pit stop while I was biking, or on my scooter and the break-away disconnected him from the hookup, I would be too afraid that he would run off or run into traffic and be run over before I could get back to grab the leash, which  kind of defeats the purpose of the whole thing. Am I  wrong? Not trying to be nasty, but this ws my first thought.  Did I miss something?
5VOLTSGC (author)  potshot5 years ago

You have a good point, and now that I have used it for about 6 months and seen the comments on this instruct able, I would have to say, if you are using a short leash of less than 2 feet (see comments by Das_Wookie), you don’t need a breakaway feature.  The reason I added the break-away feature was for the case when you and your dog ran on the different sides of a tree or pole.  That would not happen if you had a short leash.  

Beneball5 years ago
Author made one for me and it works great! I really like that I don't have to have the pole attached all the time. Now I just have to find a way to train my dog to carry all my snacks and water!
They make dog backpacks. We bought one a long time ago from PetSmart and still use it. Our dog carries his own water/treats and several other items, including our stuff. VERY helpful! :D
Great idea. My dogs have backpacks, too. However, I would caution, that the pack could be caught up in the bike's mechanism, and more important, most of these bags are nylon, and running alongside a bike could allow overheating for the dog. So, keep it slow, stop frequently, and watch for overheating! And, don't forget to "have fun"!
You're absolutely right. We give our dogs breaks frequently and don't leave the packs on for too long. :) They don't mind it. Actually, they seem to be pretty proud of themselves while carrying it. :D
92buckshots5 years ago
Wouldn't you need a dog? It is not in you're list of parts. ha ha just kidding!
Hi, this is excellent. I have a Swiss Mountain Dog who weighs in at 122 pounds. What size kotter pin should I use. On another note, he is trained to pull a sled, maybe I can adopt your design to add some dog pulling power for the hill climbs! Best, Larry Norder
trgz5 years ago
Neat idea but for the fact that once the dog has 'broken away' then it's possible that it could to run into the path of any nearby riders. I'm not convinced by the commercial springer either in that it can allow your dog to become entangled and 90% less force from an entanglement with an immovable object is still going to result in an 'off'. Previous experience (a major dog/bike crash that bent 3 tubes and hurt a helluva lot) has also led me to believe that the two should be kept apart - I always walk my dogs away from bikes and cycle (off and on road) away from dogs. :-)
Raydoom5 years ago
Brilliant design but you have still got the problem of having to stop sharply when your dog wants to turn elsewhere or stop but that is an almost unstoppable problem good work tho .
whirlpool35 years ago
For all the above listed drawbacks this s actually legally forbidden here in the UK. I have seen people ignoring this and not recognising when their dog is being overstrained. Cruelty even done by ignorance is horrid. Another reason why it is forbidden. Why not exercise both owner and animal to fitness? Get reality into the siuation. I mean make the dog owner run to tiredness and fitness. Get fit together.
jjure5 years ago
I have built something similar out of yellow fibreglass rods (originally for chimney cleaning). Advantage - attaches to handlebar - better visual control, can talk to the dog. I say: "Ignoo-o-o-re..." when appropriate. 2 part design - these rods have a male and a female connectors on their ends. Receiver stays in the bike, long part removes easily. Faces blacked out for the obvious reasons.
pyromonkey5 years ago
Awesome!! Now all I need is a bike :P
marcintosh5 years ago
First off- this is GREAT. Thank you. I had one in years prior that was a commercial product. When I changed bikes it no longer fit. 8-(
Looking at your design it appears that it might also be possible to attach this to the seat or chain stay as well.
Thanks for including the video too. It's always nice to be able to see items in action as it lets me know what to expect. Especially the Disconnect video!
jovino5 years ago
Great. Lets take our dog our for a drag!
SandLizard5 years ago
I like this. Get two of everything except the tee and bike two dogs, one on each side.
lnalex5 years ago
What hapened when you turn right
KI4WLG5 years ago
Sounds and looks like a great build! I will caution everyone just because I've had it happen to me. If you have any dog which is a runner (like a a Jack Russel) or a bigger dog, and they take off after something like a squirrel, you run the risk of a sudden jerk to your seatpost. If you're not ready for the jerk, you might find yourself flat out on the ground. But as I said before, looks great!
I have one of these...and actually its attached to the strongest part of the bike and I have 2 55lb dogs I attach to my bike just like this and they cannot pull me over. They forced to go forward or which ever direction they are being pulled.
sniffydogs5 years ago
Great! I have a commercially made Springer. $40.
ikoda5 years ago
A retractable leash is nice... You wont have the dog pulling you off balance and wont cause strain if your going a bit to fast/slow.
5VOLTSGC (author)  ikoda5 years ago
I did use a retractable leash that was 10 feet long, which didn't work too well because I hard to work hard to keep my dog on the right side of my bike to prevent the leash cord from wrapping around my tire. But I'm sure if I just shorten that length on the retractable leash to maybe 6 feet it would work better, I'll have to give it a try.
Go WAAAAY shorter! 12", maybe 18" MAX! You want the dog right along side the bike at all times with NO chance of getting near a wheel. Awesome design!
Das_Wookie5 years ago
Shorten the leash to 8-12 inches max! Keep the dog RIGHT along side you. It's DANGEROUS for the leash to be too long as if the dog can get in front of or behind the wheel, it's ASKING for trouble. Best case you just crash sorta trouble! Shorter is better! I have a very similar device called "The Springer" which works great. This is an excellent DIY version of The Springer and one I'd recommend to folks looking to see if it's good for them and their dogs.
This is a nice design. I really like the break away feature. 5/5!
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