So a while back I came across this neat old Nishiki Mixte that looked like it had been the unfortunate victim of a front end collision. The top tube was all bent and in pretty bad shape. Originally I thought to myself what an awesome score, Dia Compe 500 Brakes and a Sugino GT Crankset. However, after a while I realized I was actually in for a better treat.

I had seen rear triangle seats before that my friends and others had made, but I was yet to see a Mixte, so it was on! I also had another twist for the project–I wanted to add wheels. So with a little engineering I created axles for skateboard wheels on the dropouts and through the bottom bracket. The end product was pretty sweet and I am very happy with it. After a few rubber caps for the cut tubes and a paint job this thing will be a pretty sweet little shop stool, heck maybe even a Brooks saddle!

Step 1:

First thing is first, and you're going to have to hack up your bike frame. Cut the top tube and down tube as close as you can to the seat tube and bottom bracket leaving only the rear triangle. (I later used rubber caps to cover the exposed cut tubing)
I couldn't resist!
Great idea! I had to make one. It is not just useful while working on a bike: I find it to be a unique and quite pleasantly looking piece of furniture to use indoor as well! So many people have asked me to make them one...
Awesome!<br><br>I like the implementation of an actual skateboard truck, thats cool.<br><br>
<p>This is so cool. At the dump, so many trashed bikes. I needed a stool for my workshop that was low profile and free. I didn't even ruin a hacksaw blade! Great 'ible. Mine here is not as nice as yours, but it took less than 5 minutes and fits perfect in the shop. Thanks!</p>
great idea. I have a torn up bike that will work just fine for this task ;) and you play polo? as do I. where do you play at?
<p>I've played all over but currently playing here in San Francisco</p>
are these even street legal. mhmm a new sport is born. great gasby
Haha, I am actually an avid Bike Polo player. I will have to bring one out one night and see how it fares..! ;)
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I love ingenuous things like this! Not only did you make something useful, cool and cheap, but you're also recycling. I gotta find some old bikes that are not worth restoring so i can cut it up!
Thank you! Its definitely a good way to recycle old frames. Hope you too can find one to hack up!
Very nice!
Awesome!! That was a great idea. I want to make 4 white ones. Thanks for sharing!
Go for it! Glad I could inspire you.
Beautiful! I want to make one! ;-)
Thank you!
I like this, you could really get close to what you're working on as it is so thin in the front. I'll have to keep an eye out for an old bike frame ! THANKS!!
Thank you! <br> <br>Yea its a great medium between a regular shop stool and the ground. Plus, its way more comfortable. I use mine when working on my bike on the stand, or sitting at my truing stand. <br> <br>Hope you find one! Clist always has cheap/free stuff in my area, just keep your eye peeled.

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