Picture of Bike Gear Clock
How to make a bike gear clock. Simple and quick, I used the ReadyMade Magazine clock kit and old bike gears and a chain.
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Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
-old bike chain
-old bike gears, more holes the better
-Clock Kit ( I like the ReadyMade Magazine Kit)

-Chain Tool

Step 2: Lay it out

Picture of lay it out
So lay out some gears and make a cool pattern, or a boring simple one Like I used. Then line your chain up and see if will look work out.

Step 3: Rosie the rivetter

Picture of rosie the rivetter
So now, rivet the pieces together, If you have gears with holes, or cut outs this will work much better.

Rivet a few pieces together and make sure things still line up and look good.

Step 4: Chain it

Picture of chain it
Now lay your chain out and make sure it will fit together tight. In fact if you can get the rivet in the right spot you can use your gears as a cam to make the chain tight. Put it together with your chain tool.

Step 5: Put the clock kit in

Picture of put the clock kit in
Put the clock kit in to an open space in the gears and hang it up on the wall.
Take a look inside, it's my clock in a box! (clock in a box!).
My dad cycles, and i've always like this instructable, so I think i'm going to make it for his present this year!
cold_fusion8 years ago
So the gears aren't actually moved by the clock?
That's what I just realised. It would be way cool if the gears turned, but perhaps the clock motor wouldn't be powerful enough.
get a a motor with more torque
Doom_Goat8 years ago
anyone else think that looks like a MAKE ripoff?
Aren't most things here like that?
i mean the magazine that this article links to
joe (author)  Doom_Goat8 years ago
Actually the magazine is older than Make. Its less tech and more crafty. Its sort of a mod livin' on a budget magazine. But its pretty neat. -Joe
Doom_Goat joe8 years ago
ah interesting, will have to check it out then
I love ReadyMade, but the clock mechanism is pretty overpriced at $14. You can get atomic clock movements for the same price here.

Or, if you live near an IKEA, you can pick up a full clock for $3. Then you can easily rip out the clock movement for a DIY project and have a plastic dish left over for a bird feeder or something.
joe (author)  fungus amungus8 years ago
Good call, the first clock I made used the movement out of a cheap office freeby clock.
Crash21088 years ago
The hands should be chains. Or have chains painted on them.