Picture of Bike Gear Clock
How to make a bike gear clock. Simple and quick, I used the ReadyMade Magazine clock kit and old bike gears and a chain.

Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
-old bike chain
-old bike gears, more holes the better
-Clock Kit ( I like the ReadyMade Magazine Kit)

-Chain Tool
Take a look inside, it's my clock in a box! (clock in a box!).
My dad cycles, and i've always like this instructable, so I think i'm going to make it for his present this year!
cold_fusion8 years ago
So the gears aren't actually moved by the clock?
That's what I just realised. It would be way cool if the gears turned, but perhaps the clock motor wouldn't be powerful enough.
get a a motor with more torque
Doom_Goat8 years ago
anyone else think that looks like a MAKE ripoff?
Aren't most things here like that?
i mean the magazine that this article links to
joe (author)  Doom_Goat8 years ago
Actually the magazine is older than Make. Its less tech and more crafty. Its sort of a mod livin' on a budget magazine. But its pretty neat. -Joe
Doom_Goat joe8 years ago
ah interesting, will have to check it out then
I love ReadyMade, but the clock mechanism is pretty overpriced at $14. You can get atomic clock movements for the same price here.

Or, if you live near an IKEA, you can pick up a full clock for $3. Then you can easily rip out the clock movement for a DIY project and have a plastic dish left over for a bird feeder or something.
joe (author)  fungus amungus8 years ago
Good call, the first clock I made used the movement out of a cheap office freeby clock.
Crash21088 years ago
The hands should be chains. Or have chains painted on them.