Cold weather riding can be rough on the hands.
While this may not work for everyone or on every type of bike, it was a quick, easy & cheap solution that has gotten me through two winters.
Materials used:

  • old hoodie, sweatshirt or jacket with stretchy elastic at wrist.
  • duct tape with the design of your choosing
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors

Step 1: Cut Material

Measure the length of your handlebar from center outward.
Measure same distance on sleeve. Include the wrist elastic.
Cut sleeves.

<p>Have you tried closing the end and cutting a slit on the top to put your hand inside more comfortably?</p>
<p>no I haven't tried it... this never seemed uncomfortable.<br>But what you are saying might work for someone with a different type of handlebar design. Thanks. </p>

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