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This shelf was made from plywood. The design was based on this one...


Steps and materials are shown in picture form. 

I plan to fill the screw holes with builders bog and paint. Will update with more photos later. 


huskerland3 (author)2013-12-05

I like it.

Arghus (author)2013-12-05

big fail

dimtick (author)2013-12-04

I really like this.
it is a little over-structured but i do understand the look your going for.
modern bikes are very light weight.
structurally all that you need are the 2 side piece, a single back board and the top for the shelf.
you don't need the center board, the double back board or the bottom.
sorry if I'm sounding very critical. i really do like this.
would have a lot less screw holes. :)
there are woodworking tricks so that you wouldn't have any expsed screws. simplest is to use metal L brackets or you could put a wood 1x on the inside at each joint and screw into each board from the inside. if you glue the boards, the glue will provide all the strength and the screws are only keeping the joint tight until the glue dries.
I can't tell from the photo, but probably the most important thing is to make sure that the shelf is anchored to wall studs and not just supported by the drywall.

matjos26 (author)2013-12-03

Why don't you just lean the bike against the wall

rsmithers1 (author)2013-12-03

Why the big holes

longwinters (author)2013-12-03

Why not cut the holder slot off level so the bike is, it may make for a more natural appearance.
I like the idea of having the wheels off the floor, and having a place to put your accessories.

saxmaster765 (author)2013-12-03

That is unnaturally simple. Fantastic work.

ojsefg (author)2013-12-02


HollyMann (author)2013-12-01

This is awesome - love it a problem how close it is to that door? Either way - EXCELLENT idea!

terielise (author)HollyMann2013-12-02

The door doesn't actually function- it is boarded up so no problem. Thanks for the feedback :)

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