Bike Hitch - From Rear Fork of Another Bike




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Introduction: Bike Hitch - From Rear Fork of Another Bike

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  1. See that the neighbor put a bike in the trash
  2. Remove rear tires, brakes, and seat.
  3. Cutoff the rear fork of garbage bike with angle grinder and cutt-off blade (wear face and body protection)
  4. Take the nuts off the rear wheel of the good bike (leave wheel in place)
  5. Fit the the part of the fork that used to hold the rear wheel, over the rear axle of good bike
  6. Bend the fork a little to fit
  7. Replace nuts
  8. Connect a trailer to the hitch where the seat used to be.



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    What stops the weight of the trailer from pushing the hitch down?

    3 replies

    Just friction -- if you jumped on it, it would slide down.

    So the weight of the trailer bouncing up and down would cause the hitch to eventually touch the ground, could you maybe strengthen the rear mudguard (fender?) bracket and attach a strip of something between that and the hitch to prevent this?

    Use 1/4 in rods to keep it from dropping down

    Thats Awesome!!!