Introduction: Bike Lift to Save Some Place. Made of Tubular Motors for Roller Shutters

This idea was born because we don't have enough place for all the bikes side by side including the car in our garage.
So we lift up the two not so oft used bikes and have space for the two frequently used bikes under them.

Easily build from a wooden board, a switch, a Tabulator Motor and two ropes or other strap.

Works quite, easy and comfortable.

Even for the children easy to use.

Once you switch to "move up" you can leave. Bikes will lifted up alone.



Superecho (author)2015-11-19

hi there, do you have instruction on how to make this system?? I am interest in!

apowell17 (author)2014-03-04

sick idea for some place with a higher vaulted ceiling or just a dot where you're trying to maximize space

dirkdeus (author)apowell172014-03-04

There is no space for 4 bikes in that garage. If I put them on the ground the car will not fit. Parkin 2 of them with that lift, 2 on the ground.......there is enough space for the car now.

The not often used bikes are hanging in the the way a perfect tool to work on the bikes. Adjustable hight.

apowell17 (author)apowell172014-03-04


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