Bike Light With Blinking Lights ,turn Signals and Brake (VIDEO)





Introduction: Bike Light With Blinking Lights ,turn Signals and Brake (VIDEO)

This is the new bike light I've made for my night rides. It has blinking leds in red, for normal signal, and in yelow for turning signal and a brake light

Step 1: Project

First I've made a project in MS Paint.
After I made the eletrical project, I decided to use a 9V batery, all leds are 3V.

There are auto blinking led in red and yelow and normal red led's.

Sorry, project in portuguese. Let me translate

Tudo Aceso = All on
Legenda = legend
Vermelho Pisca = Blinking Red
Amarelo Pisca = Blinking Yelow
Vermelho = Red
Pisca Esq. = Left Turn Signal
Pisca Dir. = Right Turn Signal
Freio = Brake

Step 2: Materials

Acoording to the projet

3 blinking led in red
6 blinking led in yelow
12 red led
3 Clicks
1 9v batery
1 keybord cord( broken keybord ofcourse)
1 plastic box from a broken used eletrical material

I used the soldering Iron to make the holes in plastic box and I don't rocommend doing the same

Step 3: Put Leds in Place and Test

Place the led's in holes and tested conections.

After that hot glue in everything, I didn't solder anything in box.

Solder click's and wires.

Step 4: Attaching Box to the Bike and Clicks

Glue the brake click, in a way it press the click everytime you brake, I glued it in a rubber piece that protects the cable.

Attach the box to the bike with zip-tie and put turn click's in place, I putted in gear shifter's

Step 5: Have Safety FUN!!! VIDEO

Blinking Lights

Right Turn Signal

Left Turn Signal


The batery is in a bag under the seat.



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    could you put up schematic  

    its there already.


    Nice Instructable! Very Simply but looks very professional! Btw, great job with your english, better then most Americans. :)

    the position of the brake switch has been the most difficult obstacle to overcome on this instructable. Its not clear as to how and where you attache the brake switch. Also the type of switch that you used. On that note, does the brake light come on when you are slowing doen or just when you apply the brakes with enough force to stop? Nice build!

    the brake switch was the most dificult part of this project, I place it in the rubber piece that covers the brake cable inside the brake, it only light up when strongly brake.


    i like it this is so boss

    Thats some great work! Its a little hard to make out the indicators, but the brake light is a great idea.