A simple project that allows a bike lock key to be always to hand when you're using a Chrome or similar messanger bag - it means you can stow your main bunch of keys at the bottom of the bag when you're out for the day and not worry about losing them.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

- One of your lock's spare keys.

- Some Polycaprolactone granules. Also known by the trade-names "Shapelock" and "Polymorph", it's the polymer that becomes soft at 60 degrees C. 

- Some elastic cord.

- Two neodymium magnets, bought from an on-line specialist in high-power magnets. One is a .75" disk. The other a .5" disk with a countersunk hole. Though I'm fairly sure a plain, smaller magnet would've worked just as well.

 - A thick split-ring salvaged from an key-ring.
If you did not want to use Shapelock, you could use an epoxy putty repair stick--just another option.
True.<br>Although shapelock is easy to rework if you get it wrong - jusy heat it up.
With my Chrome bag I found it lacked areas to latch/thread things into it. On the shoulder strap (where you've placed a key holder) I installed a grommet so I could hook my keys onto it. For the longest time I would use a velchro loop to hook my keys/camelback valve, but I was always scared heavy keys would break the velchro.
Yep... Kryptonite New York. Not as good as a Kryp. Fahgettaboudit, or the top-of-the-line ABUS. But I'm not in an especially high-crime area.
Is that a kryptonite key? it kinda looks like it.

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