Picture of Bike Mudflaps
I needed mudflaps and fenders for my commuter bike (I live in the GREAT North West!!) so I went looking for ideas to start the creative process. I realized there is an emptiness here when trying to find 'ables about mudflaps, no mudflap love.

So I took it upon myself to start the mudflap revolution. No more will I have to put up with muddy toes and shins while pedaling to school or the grocery store. Nor will you!!

I had a plethora of PBR cans around and decided to use them. Re-use!!

It actually only took one can though.

What you'll need:

One empty 16oz beer can (I already had this, you might have to drink to create an empty)

razor blade and or tinsnips

Gorilla glue, or JB weld (to attach to fenders, rivets protrude and can be a flat hazard)

Gloves (to protect your delicate fingers)


about 30 minutes of spare time

Step 1: Decide what statement your mudflap is going to make

Picture of Decide what statement your mudflap is going to make
You will need to have an empty beer can, or soda can for the sub-21 crowd. You may use a can already in your possession or empty one just for this occasion.


Consumption of too many beers prior to the following steps  may increase the possibility of injury.

I chose PBR, but any beer you feel represents who you are will do.

Erbenator3 months ago
hillbilly mud flaps for your bike!
stretch mark7 months ago

Silicone? Might last longer and be a more durable adhesive.

BillBiker4 years ago
Wandering if anyone could make a FULL fender from plastic bottles or aluminum cans???
BillBiker4 years ago
Where did you get your supply of wheel chair wheels? Sorry that is not relevant to the instructable, but cool idea here :) .
anibioman4 years ago
you hipster
doo da do4 years ago
now that is a cool idea, and we got that recycle thing going
TSC4 years ago
Hahahahahaha nice!!!!
busidit4 years ago
Nice project. IMO, fenders are for the rider while mudflaps are for the folks behind you. I believe that's why mudflaps are popular with touring.
Ninzerbean4 years ago
Good 'ible, but there's one thing I don't get. Why should people have to add mudflaps to fenders? Why the h377on't they just make the fenders long enough in the first place? Pfffft.
hackin5hit (author)  Mark Rehorst4 years ago
I don't get that either. Most mountain bike fenders come with a flared end, as though mud is the only thing that gets all over my shins and feet.
sn0manX4 years ago
PBR hells yeah!!!
bahi4 years ago
My fenders were short too, so I added some mudguards made out of empty aluminium cans, they don't last long but their are virtually inexpensive and easy to replace.