Bike panniers--commuting essential, but can be "beaucoup expensive."

For all of you on a college/unemployed budget (or just into recycling/reusing), here are easy plans for recycled panniers.

2 oversize leather bags/purses (thrift store/great aunt's closet)
2 dowels (wood, aluminum, anything stiff enough to keep the bags from hitting your wheels)
speaker wire (scrap wire etc.: check trash, recycling, re-stores etc.)
1-2 belts (cloth)
duct tape

wire cutter
leather hole punch
drill (option)

Step 1: Punch the Holes

Measure and mark along the top edge of both bags where the holes will be. Make sure that:
-Holes are ~1/2" (at least) from top edge so the holes don't rip out the edge under weight
-Equally space the holes. I recommend ~1.5" between holes
-There are equal numbers of holes on both bags

Punch out the smallest size holes you can get away with, where you marked. Your scrap wire should be able to just fit through the holes.
nice idea, gotta do this also!

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