Step 2: Making a Flat-bed Trailer

The key to this project is a simple bike trailer with a flat wood bed that you can bolt everything to.  Keeping the trailer simple makes it light weight and easy to make.
  • You can get a commercial bike cargo trailer for this project, or you can make one using one of the many Instructables.  I bought a basic bike cargo trailer from Sears.com, the "M-wave trailer" for $200.
  • Most commercial bike cargo trailers like the one I got have a fabric or plastic bed which isn't strong enough for our purpose, but can be replaced with a wood bed.
  • Several of the "how to make a trailer" instructables are easy to put a wood bed onto if you choose to go that route.
  • If I was doing this project over again I'd probably start with the Wandertec Bongo trailer which looks perfect for this project without any modifications.  It's the only commercial trailer i could find with a flat wood bed.

Working with the M-Wave trailer (see photos below):
  • Remove the side-rails
  • Check the fit of your speakers on the trailer bed.
  • Unscrew the plastic bed sheet from the trailer frame
  • Use the plastic bed-sheet as a template for a new wood bed.  Just trace the outline and screw holes of the plastic sheet directly onto a piece of 1/2" plywood and cut out the plywood with a saw.  I added about 4" extra wood at the rear of the tralier so my speakers would fit on.
  • Paint the plywood so it will be waterproof
  • Screw down the plywood to the trailer frame.
<p>Hello there,</p><p><br>I am a bike party veteran and love doing those. Went from small bluetooth speaker to car speaker recently. I am thinking about getting a PA speaker for DJing and bike parties and want to know what SLA battery size should I get to power a SINGLE PA system. <br><br>Thank you.</p>
<p>Just get PA speakers with built in batteries, that's what I did, they're smaller than the huge ones shown here and they're 500w RMS each. I don't understand why you chose to power 12&quot; speakers with 150w amps. Mine also weigh half as much and can be properly mounted to the trailer bed, instead of lashed on with nylon webbing. Really, why are people still linking to this article.</p>
<p>Hi, <br>I've used these instructions to build several sound systems (Thanks Dan!). Here's my response to your concerns:</p><p>PA systems with built in batteries: Usually these systems don't give you much battery life, with form factor and weight being a higher priority. My first system will run for about 20-30 hours at full volume. I like that.</p><p>12&quot; speakers with 150w amps: The amp boards recommended here are very efficient, producing very little heat. Even 40-80 watts (which is what a tk2050 amp outputs to an 8Ohm speaker) gives you a lot of volume and good bass. Many systems advertise high wattage but much of that is wasted as heat. Also a larger speaker uses less energy than a smaller speaker to produce the same volume of sound (a little counterintuitive, but true). And, if you really want, you can get a 600watt amp board that is still similarly efficient.<br><br>Proper mounting: PA speakers also have proper mounting solutions, some people just choose to lash them with webbing.</p><p>Basically, if you could hear one of my systems, or any other one built in a similar way to this instructable, and listen to it play for tens of hours at a time I think you may change your mind.</p>
<p>Roy: I am a brand new newbie to this...and not electronic savvy. I just need to build a system for horse shows...to run off of the 12 volt system with wireless mic and aux. to a cd player. Any play-by-play instructions, or maybe a commercial unit that has good sound??? Thanks</p><p>Ron </p>
<p>Can you post a link to instructions for your system?</p>
<p>Where do you get a Tricycle like that.</p><p>I want one! Sooooo Cute.</p>
This is very cool. How long does the charge hold? It could be easily used for small gigs.
great but it could be greener if themps were powered by the bike (and the biker &hellip;)<br><br>LOL !&hellip;
who cares if its &quot;green&quot;
It was only a joke &hellip;<br>sorry
Don't apologize for caring about your future.
nah it all kool
Anybody who wants the planet to remain habitable.
Do u juse a car battery for powering it all?
Where can i get the barrel jack you used to power the speaker?
digikey, mouser, etc. search for &quot;binding post&quot;. the audio input is just a standard 3-foot male-to-female audio cable, with the female end glued into a hole in the black plate.
So cool, really like it. I have never heard this kinds of bike. amazing!!!!!
Bike Dj :) cool
i think u can add an alternator to charge the battery but great idea
cool man ... real coooooooooooooolllll.
Daaay -- ummmm! <br> <br>Get many &quot;Disturbing the Peace&quot; citations?
A cheap alternative to a Scraper that still looks BAYTASTIC. Love it!
cool me and my homie wanted to make one of these.
My friend and I were thinking about doing something just like this over the winter! This points out stuff we hadn't even thought about yet, great Instructable!

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