Not a fan of clip in shoes? High priced straps outside of your budget? Looking for a cheap alternative?

My old ten speed bike has been converted into a single-speed and my next upgrade was to add on some pedal straps. The prices for new as well as used straps was too much for my liking so I thought of making my own. Scouring the internet and various other Instructables for ideas, I decided I would try making some simple and cheap, yet relatively durable, straps. 

The cost of this project was $0 since everything you require can be found in your home, and this project took me about 1 hour to complete. If you are looking for a quick and easy fix, look no further.

- Free
- Can be done in about an hour
- Easy to make and install
- Uncertain long-term durability
- Non-adjustable straps
- Non-removable (Must destroy the straps to remove them)

Step 1: Materials

The Straps themselves will be made out of nylon straps that are common to any old sports bag or back pack. The wider the strap the better and you need at least a double layer to ensure that the straps are rigid enough to hold their shape. For a single strap, you need about 18", though this will vary a bit depending on how tight/loose you want the straps. 

You need scissors to cut the straps.

And finally a good lighter to burn/fuse the straps and to prevent the cut ends from fraying. 
<p>Thanks for the idea. I immediately found an old bookbag, cut off the lower adjustable straps, and attached them to my pedals. It took me about 45 minutes total. They are currently semi adjustable (loosen a knot and adjust), but I kept the plastic adjusters so that I can install those if I want to.</p><p>An added benefit of doubling the straps is that it will make them a lot stiffer, so they won't flop as easily. I'll play with these and decide whether or not I want to &quot;upgrade&quot;.</p>

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