Picture of Bike Phone Holder
Don't pay 5$ or whatever price for bike phone mounts! Make your own, sturdy, cheap, space saving holder!!! Here's how
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Step 1: The Needs

Picture of The Needs
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What you see up there, or in other words: Hot glue gun, Fabric (darker color the better), Scissors, Flat backed phone case (I got mine at the dollar store), Flat top bell,

Step 2: Cover

Picture of Cover
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13, 9:01 PM.jpg
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Cut the piece of fabric big enough to cover the front of the phone case.Glue a line on the side of the phone case and press on the fabric. This will protect the screen from the sun when it is pulled over the screen.

Step 3: Don't Put That Glue Gun Away!

Picture of Don't Put That Glue Gun Away!
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Place a large glob of glue on the top of the bell and press the back of the phone case on. Hold in place until dry. Have fun and do not text and drive :-). Please comment! Enjoy!!!
doxielover4ever (author) 2 years ago
U r SO welcome! Glad it helped!
rajan007RJ2 years ago
Hey that was cool, girl! I got a Raleigh Elevation FS and I made one for myself. Thanks a lot. It helped me.