Picture of Bike Picnic Box
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Step 1: Measure Frame And Lay Out Wood

Picture of Measure Frame And Lay Out Wood
Draw up a design and figure out the angles to be cut. Once cut, nail and glue the wood together.

Step 2: Make Slat Wood Walls

Picture of Make Slat Wood Walls
lay wood slats on the box frame an mark cuts to be made glue on slats Cut wood board and screw in hinges Create wooden slider to fit your frame perfectly and install with angle irons

Step 3: Riding *important*

Picture of Riding *important*
Don't forget to measure pedal height and width so you can still ride it

Step 4: Ride And Enjoy

Picture of Ride And Enjoy
Revel In its glory and take it to your favorite picnic spot! Enjoy the great outdoors!
emtnessa9 months ago

or have some style (and flexibility) buy a basket for your bike $5-10, which is also removeable and put a picnic basket in it!

misterman (author)  emtnessa6 days ago

this box is equally easy, if not easier to remove than a basket mount. but yes that would also be an option for carrying things around

OTP11 year ago
Love it, brilliant idea
misterman (author) 1 year ago
Depends on the person but mine is 5"
cblair51 year ago
How wide is your box? I have been contemplating making myself one and I struggle with the width so that I can be sure that I don't hit my legs on it.
Mrballeng1 year ago
This is awesome. I wish I would have thought of that!
mcraghead1 year ago
DR. Bacon1 year ago
I thought it said "bike panic box" XD
What a great idea !
You should add a an icebox on the handlebar for a good old dry martini (stirred not shaken) !!!…
Kiteman1 year ago
These are cool.

I saw one of these online a while ago - the drop-down door had a cord attached to keep it level as a small table when it is opened, and the box itself was compartmentalised to stop the flask etc getting jumbled as you rode.