Step 1: Measure Frame and Lay Out Wood

Draw up a design and figure out the angles to be cut. Once cut, nail and glue the wood together.
<p>or have some style (and flexibility) buy a basket for your bike $5-10, which is also removeable and put a picnic basket in it!</p>
<p>this box is equally easy, if not easier to remove than a basket mount. but yes that would also be an option for carrying things around </p>
Love it, brilliant idea
Depends on the person but mine is 5"
How wide is your box? I have been contemplating making myself one and I struggle with the width so that I can be sure that I don't hit my legs on it.
This is awesome. I wish I would have thought of that!
I thought it said "bike panic box" XD
What a great idea ! <br>You should add a an icebox on the handlebar for a good old dry martini (stirred not shaken) !!!&hellip;
These are cool. <br> <br>I saw one of these online a while ago - the drop-down door had a cord attached to keep it level as a small table when it is opened, and the box itself was compartmentalised to stop the flask etc getting jumbled as you rode. <br>

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