Picture of Bike Rack Tilt Hack
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The most frustrating thing about a hitch mounted bike rack is the fact they are rigid and it is virtually impossible to access the rear hatch of a camper, van, SUV, or hatchback with the bikes mounted. This is frustrating on a trip when you want to remove luggage, etc. and leave the bikes fixed in place. This modification allows the bikes to tilt while you open the hatch, then re-secure them in place. All without removing them.

Step 1: Safety

Picture of Safety
First, make certain you have a properly installed, frame mounted receiver style hitch that will support the rack. I bought a Sportwing bike rack with a 1,1/4" drawbar that fit my receiver. Before assembling it according to manufacturer's instructions, I made a new drawbar. I warn you this will violate the bike rack manufacturers warranty. Make sure you know how to weld, or get a certified welder to do it. Also, purchase proper hardened bolts and hitch pins.
technologyguy (author) 2 years ago
Yes, true, however, the plate is visible through the bike frame and the lights are not obscured. My hack does not change the parameters of the factory bike rack which has a Y frame for plate visibility. Always good to hear positive input though, thanks.
Kiteman2 years ago
I don't know the rules about bike racks in Canada, but, in the UK, if your bike rack obscures your licence plate and/or tail lights, you have to have a set of lights and a license plate to fit over your bikes.