This is a simple bike rack constructed from 3/4" PVC pipe.
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Step 1: Cut PVC parts to length

Parts List: All 3/4" Schedule 40 PVC
(2) Wheel Upright - 22 3/4"
(2) Wheel base - 12 1/2"
(4) Base - 7"
(5) Splices - 1 1/4"
(6) Elbows - 90 degree
(6) Tees
PVC Glue

Step 2: Assemble using PVC cement.

Step 3: Use the new bike rack instead of leaning the bike against the garage wall, tree, car, etc.

idood7 years ago
Very nice. I took your design and the design of the other person who made the two bike holder, and came up with this:

All the details here.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Check this person's bike rack for two.........Absolutely brilliant!!!!!
Krako5 years ago
Great thinking - I really like the modification to the original idea - this should do the trick for the rack that I need - it needs to be transportable & fairly lightweight. - Great design!! Thanks !