Introduction: Bike Repair Stand Restoration

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How to restore a bike repair stand.

Step 1: Old Stand

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I picked up this professional bike repair stand for $10 on craigslist. All it needed was a spit shine.

Step 2: Rust Removal

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I wanted to experiment with phosphoric acid as a rust remover. I brushed it over the rust on the base of the stand and let it sit for 24 hours as directed. This didn't seem to have the desired effect I was looking for. I think if I had brushed on the acid and immediately used an abrasive to loosen the rust it would have worked well. Instead I got out my 3M abrasive wheel bit and ripped the rust off.

Step 3: Prime and Paint

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Prime the base on both sides, let dry thoroughly and then paint.

Step 4: Clamp

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Disassemble the clamp head.

Step 5: Rust Removal

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I tried a commercial rust remover called Metal Rescue for this project. It worked well but was over priced in my opinion. Vinegar would have been a better option if I had had the patience. After removing the rust lubricate the hardware.

Step 6: Paint

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Paint the clamp pieces.

Step 7: Reassemble

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Reassemble the clamp head.

Step 8: Clamp Grip

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The plastic from the inside of the clamp had significantly deteriorated, so I used epoxy to secure an old bike tire inside the clamp jaws.

Step 9: Complete

Picture of Complete

Complete the reassembly and prop up your bike.


andrefierens (author)2016-11-27

nice !

seamster (author)2016-11-04

Good looking restoration!

I've wanted to make a bike repair stand from scratch, and I love the flat-base style you've got. This looks like an excellent score on your part. Jealous! ;)

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