The mission: To create a low budget speaker system with good volume to overcome road noise. In addition my wife is usually biking behind me so it needs to be loud enough for her to hear too.

Step 1: The Bike in Question.

The back rack.
admire your handwork but it is a bit annoying at time walking in the nature and getting bothered by other peoples music ... happens in china alot. untouched nature, then some dipshit walks by with a backpack stereo system. my tip.. use earphones.
<p>I can definitely understand the frustration there. I've found it necessary to have an external speaker when riding though. If you use headphones, you're deaf to what's going on around you and put yourself in considerable danger. In any case, based on the bike he's modding and the description he provided, I'd guess he's only going to be on the road with this, leaving trail riders and nature appreciators free from unwanted music.</p>
<p>This is a great idea and I bet it adds a lot of fun to bike rides! Have you gotten a chance to try it yet? I'm looking forward to seeing more projects from you, you did a great job with these pictures and write up!</p>

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