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Build a sound system for your bicycle and entertain your friends. The speakers are designed to fit within the frame and can be easily removed. My system is powered by a battery operated mobile T-amp and an ipod. The total cost of the system is well under $100 and can be completed in a few hours.

Step 1: Required Tools

Picture of Required Tools
Here are some of the things you will need to get started.
1. A good pair of tin snips.
2. Velcro Tape.
3. Pliers
4. Wrench
5. Sharpie
6. Spray Paint (optional)

NOT PICTURED but still important:
7. Speaker wire
8. 1/8" line to go from the source to the amp. (mono is probably better than stereo since the speakers face opposite directions)
9. A sturdy basket. I got mine at IKEA in the bathroom section for 4 bucks.
10. A drill and a bit that will go through aluminum duct.
11. An old leather belt.
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ElijahB31 month ago

i made it but the speakers blew out after about a week

BikeBeatz1 year ago

Awesome setup!

-Jimmy from BikeBeatz

susann2 years ago
This is so awesome! I had a stereo installed on my Vespa, which is very cool, but this is a must have! Thank you!
susann susann2 years ago
It is going to be tricky, because I have a female Schwinn! But I'll study where it's going!
kksimas3 years ago
What if your frame doesnt have a very big opening? Cuz I ride a BMX bike and its not a very big space.
gate (author)  kksimas3 years ago
Time to get a bigger bike. :-)
kksimas gate3 years ago
Haha thanks!
ggardner73 years ago
you could put a pic of apple on it in memory of Steve Jobs
NT867 years ago
excellent design. for more bass i would suggest a rear rack and a small wooden or plastic cabinet with more standard size speakers, such as those in boom boxes. once again i thought the aluminum was pretty cool how it hides the speakers.
_Scratch_ NT863 years ago
Or might I suggest a bass shaker for ~40$ with its own circle of aluminum on a rear rack. I would assume it would work as a sub, albeit a lower quality one.
NT86 _Scratch_3 years ago
That would be cool, aluminum might resonate and sound hollow or tinny though. For mine I ended up taking an altec lansing system from a computer putting the desk speakers and controls in the sub box with the sub and mounted that to a rack and hooked up a 12 volt battery. Works nicely with a little bit of rattle from the low quality sub but overall a good hit at the beach
64bitgenius4 years ago
i thought this would be a more speaker, less bike idea...i kinda like the idea of riding a speaker.
dermbrian4 years ago
I have a couple of T-Amps, and a pair of the original Sonic Impact fold-open 'cardboard speakers' that have those Sonic Impact transducers inside of them.

I may play around with those and make a speaker system like yours. Instead of aluminum, I'd likely try that weather-resistant material that real estate signs are made of. Kind of a plasticized or plastic cardboard. That should reduce the weight substantially, and it may be a better medium for the transducers. The Sonic Impact cardboard speakers are something similar to that stuff. I'd use hollow posts at the corners as spacers between the panels.

One thing I like about your design is that it lends itself to decoration. The chalkboard paint suggestion was good, but that's good real estate for bumper stickers or any kind of 'statement'. eg: Google 'Peak Oil' People!

Of course, I'd use a suet feeder for my electronics basket, a la my own bicycle stereo design here....
Shoot. Forgot about my two water bottles in that area that make this an unlikely mod to my bike. I guess I'll stick to powered speakers.
CydeSwype5 years ago
 Amazon has Dayton ones for $16 a pair and some other brand for only $6 a pair!  Not sure if they are of a poorer quality but they seem highly rated.  Think the $6 may be a temporary sale.
sharlston6 years ago
cool ible im getting a bmx in a couple of days! :)
if anyone is looking for a forum dedicated to bicycle stereos, stop by the bikeology website's forum. the owner of the site has built some pretty ambitious & LOUD trailer systems, but we'd like ANYONE with any kind of bike system or even just interested in them to visit.

as many different systems as people have built, it would be nice to have a community that shares info & ideas as well as a common place for everyone to show their rides off & just hang out.
When you feel the need, change the price of the T-amp, and add it to my Group.
tannerr526 years ago
Nice 'ible! I liked how the basket is JUST big enough for your amp and ipod. I think you could be able to make the aluminum panels smaller, there is a lot of extra room in there.
i just put something a little like this together, but instead of eight batteries my amp takes four and runs for about the same time.
hotcharlie6 years ago
Good lookin', man! I don't know how I missed this Instructable, but...
Check out my '68 Collegiate:
Right Here
Where'd you get the whitewalls?
troyka7 years ago
Nice work... I would use the space on the panel to advertise my youth club or website, or maybe paint it with chalk board paint... I got a marshal 9v mini practice amp from ebay (£15) and plugged my Men sleek into that for maple music.. only mono though..
NT867 years ago
how many ohms?
hey do you know if the soundpads would work through .1 inches thick acrylic/plexiglass? because that's what i wanted to use. i dont want to order the stuff and then have to use a new frame...
now how did you manage to get your hands on a Sonic Impact Portable T-Amp Digital Audio Amplifier for 30 dollars new? i can only find it for 115-160 bucks, new or not.
gate (author)  Scotlandman277 years ago
Hmmm, it looks like that amp has been discontinued. I got mine from Thinkgeek.com. They only have the 2nd generation $69 amp now. It doesn't look as good as the first one either. Maybe ebay?
conrad24687 years ago
great "officer someone just stole my bike stereo" "what are you smoking?!"
caca18227 years ago
i love this instructable. ive been wanting to do this, one problem.. im not sure if this will work on a girls bike. ill have to see if the speakers fit.
gate (author)  caca18227 years ago
I built an second (louder) version of the stereo that might work better for you. I attached some old speakers I found in the alley to the aluminum struts that hold up the rear fender. It isn't nearly as pretty but the sound is better. I'll try to post some pics soon.
someguy12347 years ago
cant beleive u trashed ur racer to build that......
gate (author)  someguy12347 years ago
It's entirely attached with velcro. No modifications were made to the bike. In fact it didn't even scratch the paint.
thank the god of bicycles!
Sweet instructable. I had been considering building one of these for a while, but had never gotten started/had no clue where to begin. When i finally get around to maknig this, I will be sure to credit it you +1 comment.
i want a T-amp like that but cant find the old ones, just the new $80 ones, way too expensive, and dont want to try ebay
This is an Instructable on building a solar powered boom box. The project uses a Sonic Impact amp and indoor outdoor speakers.

You could build it and just put that into the basket.

Here is the link"
haha thats pretty fancy... i just took a guitar amp apart and took the speaker, duct-taped it to the bike, and duct-taped and old mp3 player to the handle bars and connected them with a speaker wire... it was pretty loud too!
don't forget doubling speakers too. every time you double the number of speakers you're using, you get 3 free decibles which is the same as doubling your amplifier power. it probably wouldn't work the same if you doubled the number of panel drivers though as you wouldn't be doubling surface area too. as to "other speakers", what do you mean? clayfig, other panel drivers, or speakers in general? generally any speaker would work with a sonic impact unless it's some crazy 2 ohm or 16 ohm unit. actually 16 ohms would work, but it would seriously cut the amps output. are you looking for specs for the sonic impact drivers?
i made a similar thig with a razor scooter, it was cool :)
Clayfig7 years ago
Hey I want to create a speaker back pack using the same materials but with different speakers does anyone know the specifications of the speakers that I can use with the amp?
Phoghat Clayfig7 years ago
You can use 4 or 8 ohm speakers (try to get High Efficiency if you can) with 8 Ohm it's ~ 6 watts/channel and 4 ohm gives you ~ 15 w/channel
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