Picture of Bike Taxidermy Wall Hangers.
Here is how I made some bike taxidermy wall hooks from dead bike parts and wood.

I am now aware that Picasso made it first thanks to it being pointed out to me several times, I am sure he wouldn't mind people making their own versions and recycling dead bikes!

You will need:

Bike handlebars.
Bike saddle.
Used inner tubes.
Cable ties.

Step 1: Get some old handle bars and saddles.

Picture of Get some old handle bars and saddles.
Use your own dead bike, or ask your nearest community d.i.y. bike workshop, or nicest bike shop for their dead bits on the way to the scrappie's.
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Thanks again. A super. addition to my collection.
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Snotflower (author)  Dr.Duckhunt1 year ago

And the bull ring totally makes it.

Snotflower (author)  Dr.Duckhunt1 year ago

that looks great! I do like the shiny look for it actually :)

B4SEC4MP3 months ago

I definitely have to make one of these. Great job!

steve.zissou.35 made it!9 months ago

Made mine with parts of my first bicycle. Thanks op for the idea.

Snotflower (author)  steve.zissou.355 months ago

that's ace! x

Snotflower (author)  veryrealperson1 year ago

Yours is cool, dunno about cooler though ;) ... yours is sturdier, but mine cost nothing.

I think I spent 10 bucks. Mostly recycled parts though :)

wobbler11 months ago

Looking good. Looks like you're just missing a rhino using a brake lever maybe for the horn(s).

CobyUnger made it!1 year ago

Nice project. Thank you.

Snotflower (author)  CobyUnger1 year ago

Sweet! Really love yours, thanks for showing. x

Thanks. I've been using it to hang up my bike.
Marojale1 year ago

If you came up with this on your own, that's awesome, but... this is a remake of Picasso's 1942 sculpture Bull's Head, a fairly famous example of found object art...


Snotflower (author)  Marojale1 year ago

Yeah I came up with it in my head, had a few comments about it being Picasso's idea originally as if I'm ripping it off. I hadn't seen it until I'd made mine and it was pointed out. Collecting taxidermy and working in a bike shop, and being big into recycling, pretty easy to see how the horns and saddle look like a mounted skull. Also, Picasso made his as art, mine are just wall hooks.

You didn't rip him off, you came up with something different-- the longhorn model. Besides, you came up with the idea on your own. Tell your friends that it's a case of great minds thinking alike.

Picasso himself allegedly said, "Good artists borrow, great artists steal." It's less about how blatantly one uses another's idea than it is about making the idea your own. In fact, though, it's a mis-attribution. T.S. Eliot is the original source. "Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal; bad poets deface what
they take, and good poets make it into something better, or at least
something different."

Eliot, T.S., “Philip Massinger,” The Sacred Wood, New York: Bartleby.com, 2000.

Snotflower (author)  bo88y1 year ago

ha that's pretty funny that even the quote is borrowed too.

Yep I'm not too worried about the estate of Picasso suing me, but if they did- there are other similar Instructables which I have since discovered like this one by Veryrealperson


I would probably just try to push him into the firing line first lol.

It was a pretty big "Oh yeah, those two things look like this thing" moment when I saw Picasso's version, so I didn't mean to claim you ripped it off, but you could get into trouble if you tried selling them.

And whether you think so or not, you made something that makes people think about things differently, so it's art. Too bad yours won't be as valuable as Picasso's version.

There would only be a problem selling them if you claimed they were Picasso's. Nobody holds a copyright on taxidermied bike parts. I love this project!

Snotflower (author)  sleeepy21 year ago

Glad you like it Sleepy2, thanks.

sub13mundo1 year ago

Suuuuper cool!!!!

No polishing involved, I like the rusty look better though.
soundgod061 year ago

That "hardboard" you're using is interesting. I've never seen hardboard that thick, or with grain.

Snotflower (author)  soundgod061 year ago
FFS. Yes it's wood! Hurrah for you!
agis681 year ago

you had a nice idea but the result is so poor. Rusty parts, black tape???? imagine to polish the metals and make nice joins...

Snotflower (author)  agis681 year ago
You are missing the point of this completely. It's a DEAD bike, it's supposed to look dead. Go polish your own.
and7barton1 year ago

How about acquiring a bull's head and making a bike saddle out of it ? - Use the horns to make a pair of handlebars.

Snotflower (author)  and7barton1 year ago

Yes cool idea, I'm going to try that!

Super I'll show you mine when done . Thanks for the idea. My craft room could use one
Snotflower (author)  Dr.Duckhunt1 year ago

Looking forward to seeing yours.

Bad artists copy, great artists steal.
Snotflower (author)  Dr.Duckhunt1 year ago


moonsoup1 year ago

Yes, it's always good to give credit to the original designer..... ~ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bull's_Head ~there.. now you're all good.

Thanks for the well laid out instructional.

Snotflower (author)  moonsoup1 year ago

Yeah, I hadn't seen it until after I made it, but thanks for posting the link.

bethmwl1 year ago

I loved your idea and the look of these. Gonna try it myself. You may also like to do an instructable for the table you are working on, it looks interesting.

Snotflower (author)  bethmwl1 year ago

Thankyou. I didn't make the table though, a friend did. It's a glass shower screen, and hardboard with collage underneath.

evildrneil1 year ago

These look fabulous - time to go skip raiding!

These are pretty amazing!

Snotflower (author)  amandaggogo1 year ago


Love it! Super creative and nothing had to die- except a bike or two. I'll be copying your idea.
Snotflower (author)  technologyguy1 year ago

Cool, I'd love to see yours :)

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