Introduction: Bike Tire Belt

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Tire belts are awesome!

this is a great project to do when you replace bike tires, and the product is absolutely great

I am definitely not the first one to do this project but this is my take and I'm really happy with how it came out.

So here it is. I hope you enjoy

Step 1: Supplies

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- a bike tire

- an appropriate size buckle; here is the one i used

- scissors

- utility knife

Step 2: The Tires

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tire selection is important, for my belts i used a very worn Kenda Kross tread, and a brand new tire that i was given ( it did not fit my bike)

old tires work better than new

street tires will work better that trail tires

the width of both tires i used was 1.95 inches or less

Step 3: Remove Tire Side Walls

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to cut the tire I punctured through the side wall of the tire with my utility knife, so that I had a slit that a pair scissor fit through, to cut the rest of the side wall off, I repeated this on the other side of the tire so that both side walls were cut off.

I then used the scissors to cut the loop of tire tread into a long strip

Step 4: Trim Tread to Width

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here it is important to know what size belt your buckle will work with. The buckles that I bought was designed to fit 1.25 inch piece of webbing.

So that was the width that i cut my tire tread to.

for the kross tread tire this meant I needed to cut the nobby edge of the tread.

when cutting the edge of the tire off I try to I keep the scissors at an angle so that when the belt is done it will sit flatter.

Step 5: Cut to Size

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size the belt to you or whoever it is for.

for me this it was comfortable wrap around the waist line of my pants with 2-6 inches of overlap

Step 6: Finish It Off

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if you see fit, trim the end of the belt to a rounded point or just round it, attach the belt buckle and you're done.

wear your work proudly


3366carlos (author)2016-06-04


Hunting Activity made it! (author)2016-06-01

My brother did it from earlier

Hunting Activity (author)2016-06-01

I like it. it's easy to do and take advantage of the used tires.

joen (author)2016-05-27

I have made several belts like this and while I liked them and they wear a long time, actually I don't know how long because I stopped using them. I stopped using them after a couple of years because they left black marks where ever I brushed up against a solid surface. If not for that, I would still be using them. Have you found a way around that?

Sk8ty (author)joen2016-05-28

i have not experienced this problem, but after i cut the side walls off the tire and had a long strip, i was the tire with dish soap, and i believe rubbing alcohol. plus my shirt almost every time i wear a belt

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