Easy to make rug using bike tire tubes!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need:
- Scissors or an X-acto (I used pinking shears because it makes regular cuts much cuter!)
- Discarded bike tubes (I started with 9, but the more you use, the bigger your rug can be.)
- Masking or painters tape (electrical tape doesn't hold as well and duct tape sticks to the rubber.)
- A hard/flat surface such as a table top, tile or wood floor. 
<p>I made a doormat for my workshop, out of sealing rubber bands for window. From my summer house, I replaced 65 m of it, and, what should i do with the old stuff? </p>
I bet you could make a pretty awesome hammock like this
I am not sure if this would work for sure but here is an idea. What if you just cut the tube once to make it not a circle, wove a mat and left one edge unknotted and then make another mat and left both edges unknotted and knotted one unknotted edge wit the other and just kept adding on more pieces?
I'm sure that would work. It would probably be a good idea to use rubber cement, though, since there's the possibility of it coming undone from body weight.
to work with rubber tires, I prefer use of knots to join them, together than cement, or rivets... <br>And boyscout/seaman knot techniques can be an amazing learning! <br> <br>:) <br>
Ooh! That's a great idea, the only problem would be the length, even when they're just cut in half the first time they're only about four feet long. <br><br>I think I'm going to make some coasters out of the remaining smaller pieces.

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