Step 8: I found food on the road and in parks

Picture of I found food on the road and in parks
Here is a list of edibles I found-
  • Nettle- a nice green vegetable- if you can pick it without getting stung.
  • Mushrooms- I did successfully identify a few, but don't you go trying this.
  • Rosehips- a huge, sweet fruit that you can eat fresh- on the Ohkotsk coast.
  • Berries- on the road above lake Shikotsuko
  • Chestnut trees- Asahikawa- but you have competition
  • Walnut trees- The street trees in Engaru, and in many parks
  • Asian Pear trees- in the campground park at Honbetsu
  • Potatoes and onions- on the road, dropped by trucks
  • Mugwort (medicinal herb)- for tea- everywhere on the roadside-
  • Red Clover for tea - everywhere
  • Yarrow for tea- everywhere- it also stops bleeding if applied to a wound or nosebleed.

If you fish, for goodness sakes, fish! I don't think there are many rules or any licences, but you can ask the police about it.

Other stuff I found on the road
  • Resealable aluminum bottles
  • 200 yen
  • Porn
  • Lighters that work
  • Rubber straps
  • 3 fish (!?)