This is How I made my trailer for my bike.

HrdWodFlor2 years ago
What type of bracket did you use to attach it to the bike?
nicasio_croze (author)  HrdWodFlor2 years ago
I dis use something like this...http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-rBFDXjZU8hA/UImtyVL33NI/AAAAAAAAAT4/WkKTxk_9h0Y/s1600/-514483455_20091307060532_800x800_Fit_0_0.png
very simple, two holes and one of this.
cool thanks.
vicesat2 years ago
Why you dont just put that thing under the seat?
nicasio_croze (author)  vicesat2 years ago
excellent question.