Bike Trailer


Introduction: Bike Trailer

Thousands of these end up in the landfills each your. Yes.....some get recycled, but the majority of them do not. Frogbottom Design gives them a new lease on life. A new purpose. We hope you have enjoyed this DIY moment. So get out there and let your imagination run wild!

Step 1: Everything Is Salvaged Off of Something or From the Hardware.

Pipe hangers, Bike from yard sale, Old exercise equipment, electrical conduit, Old roof racks. 90% of the walkers are used. It takes three to make full size trailer. Everything can be reused for something. You just need to think out of the box.



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    The hitch and safety chain - can you provide a closer photo of how you did this bit?

    Why does the long trailer go to the bike's carrier and the others go to the left side of the rear triangle. Can you explain your reasoning ?

    I guess I'm saying, I can see WHAT you've done, but I can't see WHY you've done it that way.

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    The hitch is two pieces of tubing 4" long and piece of pre-shaped conduit you can get at the hardware. Walkers have sections that are double walled. You will want to use those sections for strength. The spring can be inserted into each tube about an 1" to 1 1/2 its your call. The spring allows you to lay the bike down with out effecting the trailer. Drill holes as needed to connect the pieces. As far as the Kayak trailer I hooked it to the rack because it was easy. Otherwise I would have had to construct a large "U" section to hook to the side. Its all about finding things that work and not making more work.

    Frogbottom, I disagree with those that want you to publish the plans. If you did that, we'd all have to build it your way. That's not what you intended. Besides, if you published your plans, those who want the them would probably limit themselves to finding the exact pieces and parts you've used instead of finding what's available, re-using it, and making something that works for themselves. I'm gonna use your idea and build what I want from it. Thanks, young person!

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    I doubt there are any plans - my projects like this tend to be much more organic, with an underlying idea and each bit forms its own sub-project.

    bend like a tree bro and don't assume you know better than God what is best for people.... God being the PRESENCE of Life itSelf that is Eternal Divine Natural LAW. Clearly the Presence of Life is asking you to adjust your personal stance on teaching so that others may ascend their own WAY..... so what if it's not the way u see? leave your ego out of it if u can and put your heart in the center. Knot your head.

    GREAT FRICKING DESIGN AND FABRICATION!!! I can easily see the way everything goes together but i been a craftsman for 30 years... most people don't have the ability to think in pictures and 3 dimensional geometric patterns like we do.... not yet anyways. Help em get there don't leave em frustrated and bumbed!

    Peace and Grace pon ALL CREATION!

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    The fun of building these trailers is the hunt. Finding discarded items at a Thrift Store and imaging what it could be. Half of a cleves pipe hanger makes a great bike hitch. A few spare pieces of tubing and a spring makes the other half. Yes, I could put instructions on this site, but that was not my intent. My intent was to get all of you to create your own. Something you can look at and say that's mine and I'm doing it by recycling!

    what did you use to join the bike to the trailer bike to

    Very nice looking trailers. I do agree with the others: please show the steps for making the trailers. Suggest update this instructable with a link to new instructables to each one of the trailers you featured.

    It's so awful that so many get put in landfills=( But luckily there are people like you that recycle and save the universe with common sense and care=D

    Wow, it's awesome you can make these out of all recycled materials! I'd love to see more details about how you put everything together!

    It sure would be nice to see how these are made....! Looks like you're doing some great work giving new life to objects that often are found lying around in garages and in closets....