Bike Trailer Hitch: Master Cycle Replacement Axle Mount


Introduction: Bike Trailer Hitch: Master Cycle Replacement Axle Mount

Super easy

Time: ~half hour


-old cantilever brake bars
-filing device(s) (I used both a hand file and a wheel grinder)
-drill: if your brake holes aren't already big enough

Step 1: Select the "right" Arm

Select the "right" arm (see picture)

Step 2: Cut

Cut off the extra, third arm. You should be left with a curved "L" shape. The top of the L (where the metal is twisted perpendicular to the rest of the piece, with the larger hole) will attach to the bike frame. The OTHER end inserts into the bike trailer.

Step 3: File

File the arm that inserts into the bike trailer only as much as needed to get it to slide in. File as even of a surface as you can.

Step 4: Attach Axle Mount

Attach axle mount to your bike.

If you have a bolt style rear axle, you may need to attach the axle mount to the holes in the frame for a bike rack.

If the axle mount hole IS big enough to fit around your rear axle, remove the left lugnut (side w/o the gears) slip it on, and re-tighten the lugnut. Extra washers here might be a bonus.

Step 5: Hitch and Go!

You're done. Now get out of here!

Happy peddaling :-)



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It is understandable and a very cool Idea for the pet or baby carriers rich people throw to the curb that forget to take off the original hitch off of their bike that came with it!!! This is particular for a rear axle being a skewer (quick release) type axle. What don't you understand maybe I can help?

it took me a moment to fully understand, this is brilliant! next time I go to my father's I am gonna have to scavenge the brake parts off the demolished bike there :D

If the curved arm of the trailer is on the left side, the flat part of the hitch caliper brake should be perpendicular to the axle, otherwise it's not possible to mount it through the axle, right? The picture shows the piece parallel to the axle and it's confusing :S

Nice. Good thinking. Worked great for me. I have 3 bikes so I am able to put a hitch on each bike. Thanks

Would be nice to see this in context of a whole bike, or at least a larger region of a bike. A complete picture of bike parts in their proper places just doesn't pop into my brain. :-)