Bike Trailer That Fits Almost Anything ! :D





Introduction: Bike Trailer That Fits Almost Anything ! :D

I build this for my rc planes because my parents don't want to drive me to the flying field. This was inspired by this 'ible:
And I had (not really) a lot of fun building it. 

Ok so I just wrote a ton about this and it just deleted everyhing. So all I will say is this: ASK QUESTIONS and I will try my best to answer them, also feel free to leave comments and/or suggestions :)

Oh, and the way it is here, IT IS NOT FINISHED yet, so I´ll keep you posted.

Have fun :)



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    Please don't get angry but do you still have the written instructions somewhere?

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    Unfortunately, no... i do have an unpublished 'ible that I started tho... might take me a couple of weeks to finish tho... with school and what not...
    I may try and finish it (its rather lenghty xD)

    Thats cool thanks!

    Wow!! Some would say OVERKILL! I say ingenious. This thing could be used for just about anything even your own bicycle storage lol. Would not mind seeing some pictures of the finished job. Do the wheels, well axle actually fit snug and secure?

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    Thank you :) I sort of almost forgot about that I posted this :O... I might take some pictures tomorrow (It is 6PM here in germany).

    Answering your question, yes the axle fits snug and secure :) took me a lot of measuring to get it right tho ;)

    hehe im now saving up for a motor or two and some batteries (planning to have the trailer motorized) because it is a PITA to pull around :P

    Also planning on putting some nice LED lighting inside of it now that it is completly covered with foil it has gotten kinda dark inside :P

    Im gonna try and take some more pics 2moro tho stay tuned :)

    Sounds really cool!! Can't wait to see your pictures :)

    Forgot to asked you going to post your pictures here or ?


    Going to add to the slide show and possibly to the comments...
    Will be uploading them tonight, as today is rather busy here -.-

    Hey awesome job there!!!!!!!!! I see the many possibilities already!! Thanks for posting updated pictures!


    Added new Pictures, showing the finished trailer.


    good looking trailer, have you finished it yet ? It looks big enough to be used as a camp shelter

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    By camp shelter do you mean sleeping IN it? (because I dont fit in it, It will hold me, but i couldnt lie in it for anything (Im 30cm too long xD)

    Yes, I have finished it... (more or less :P) It got a cover and another floor in the middle of it, I use it to transport model airplanes back and forth :).

    Right Now I sort of wished I'd have made it longer (2m vs 1.5m)

    If you need it to hold more than 50kg/100lbs you should make the bottom extra strong. I put a smaller metal thingy on top of the long ones (sry I completly forgot what they are called in english :O)

    Oh and Its rather heavy (clocking in at about 40 kg (estimated)) and not nice to pull uphill :( So right now I'm planning to electrify it... Although i really have no clue yet as to how im going to go about that... nor do i have the money necessary to do so right now... maybe next year though :)