Step 11: Final Trailer

Picture of Final Trailer
This is how the trailer looks completed. I can carry at least 100 pounds of cargo on this with no problem. At only 20 pounds, this is also pretty light weight for its class. You could really pimp it out with reflectors, a good paint job and a flashy rope net.
MTJimL5 months ago

Nice build, and a great starting point for the trailer I need. Thanks.

arcraven (author)  MTJimL5 months ago

Great, happy that it helped you!

Baronrc5 years ago

this is beautifull, rabid_engineer said it perfectly, "in it's neatness visually appealing"

I really wish I hadn't sold my bike, if I still had it I would go out and do this!
Most interesting! Congratulations on a sturdy and (in its neatness) visually appealing design. I wonder, have you put it to extended use yet? I suppose not, looking at the date of publication. The reason for my asking is that I think nylon washers as bushings might wear out quickly, since it is a threaded rod. Perhaps a flush one would have been better, but then, you have the trouble of holding the axle and wheels in place, of course.